Environmental Waste Consulting

Waste products may be generated from energy production, refining, and manufacturing processes. eSPARC supports businesses with environmental waste concerns, such as waste classification, tracking, and compliance reporting. Our services include:

Waste management

eSPARC can assist clients as a hazardous / industrial materials removal liaison. We can handle anything from a single substance in one building to a number of substances in a multi-facility portfolio. Our company works with state-licensed contractors and the regulatory authorities to identify removal requirements, characterize waste, and oversee waste pickup and tracking. 

Permitting strategy

We guide clients through the process, identify cost-saving measures that meet the regulatory guidelines, and handle application submissions for any necessary permits.

Compliance management

eSPARC develops and reviews routine reports for waste characterizations and annual waste summaries. We then provide tools that allow your facility to stay in compliance. eSPARC also assists clients in their commitment to sustainability. We work with businesses to identify and implement water, waste, and recycling solutions.

Explore our environmental waste consulting work in more detail in our our example projects, or contact eSPARC to discuss your project.