Portfolio of Four Power Generation Assets

On-Call Environmental Support

Portfolio of four Power Generation Assets in the Midwest: eSPARC assisted the portfolio management and operations team by providing environmental compliance services. Go back to Representative Compliance & Training Projects.

The scope of work included:

  • Change in ownership transition support
  • General on-call environmental support
  • Monthly management calls representation
  • Monthly tasks and reporting:

           -DMR reviews

           -Monthly emissions and operations reports

  • Quarterly tasks and reporting:

           -Part 75 ECMPS Reporting Assistance

           -Review of Quarterly Air emissions and Excess emissions reports

  • Semiannual tasks and reporting:

           -Review of Semi-Annual Deviation Reports

           -Review of Part 60 Semi-Annual Excess Emissions Report

  • Annual tasks and reporting:

           -Review of Tier II Reporting

           -Review of Annual Emission Inventory

           -Review of Annual Title V Compliance Certification Report

           -Assistance with GHG Reporting

           -Assistance with Annual Ozone Season True-Up

           -Review of Annual NOx RACT Report