Hobbs Generating Station

Turbine Upgrade

eSPARC designed a strategy to permit a turbine upgrade project for this Hobbs, New Mexico facility, successfully avoiding Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) permitting triggers. Go back to Representative Permitting & Strategy Projects.

 eSPARC completed a significant permit revision under of the New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) and NMAC that included:

  • Tailored emission rate calculations for all operational scenarios and equipment being evaluated
  • Detailed Best-Available-Control-Technology (BACT) Analysis following EPA top-down methodology for all pollutants
  • Thorough State and Federal regulatory applicability analysis
  • Public notice support
  • Monitoring waiver request development
  • Air Dispersion waiver request submittal

The eSPARC modeling team completed the following air quality analysis:

  • NAAQS Significance Impact Level (SIL) and Radius of Impact (ROI) analysis for NO2  (1-hr), SO2 (1-hr) and PM2.5 (24-hr and annual)
  • Refined analysis for NO2 (1-hr) and PM2.5 (24-hr and annual)

Our team closely coordinated with the NMED AQB to expedite the permitting process.  

NMED DP-1620

eSPARC filed the Ground Water Discharge Permit Renewal Application with the NMED. This required close interface with the plant manager and environmental staff in order to ensure all the requirements pertaining to this renewal application were captured.

The application included:

  • Ground water discharge volume calculations
  • Description of the flow metering system
  • Discharge quality data for Nitrate, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen, Total Dissolved Solids, Chloride, metals, and organic compounds
  • Surface Soil Survey and Vadose Zone Geology
  • Location map with topographic surface contours
  • Flood zone map
  • Ground water contour map including on-site monitoring wells and monitoring well survey
  • Construction logs for monitoring wells
  • Estimated usage and collection of SDS for chemicals used in the water treatment facilities, and cooling towers
  • Public Notice process assistance