Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan Review

SPCC Plans in New Mexico & Texas:

eSPARC has completed multiple SPCC plan 5-year reviews and certifications and minor updates by a licensed Professional Engineer. Go back Representative Permitting & Strategy Projects.

These projects typically include:

  • Detailed review of relevant documentation:

 -Inspection reports and records for oil storage tanks, piping and equipment
 -Maintenance records for storage tanks and associated equipment
 -Design specifications for tanks, piping and ancillary equipment
 -Site and system drawings listed in the SPCC
 -Records of any oil spills or releases since the last Plan update
 -Operating, maintenance and emergency response procedures pertaining to oil storage and handling facilities

  • Incorporation of new or revised regulatory requirements
  • Site visit and interviews
  • Preparation of draft and final reports
  • Certification by Professional Engineer